Aami Joy Chatterjee Movie Trailer

Movie :Aami Joy Chatterjee
Uploaded On :09 Jul 2017
Release Date :09 Jul 2017

"Aami Joy Chatterjee" is the journey of a ruthless, self-centered and egoistic businessman Joy, whose definition of life and its situations is described by the all important 'I' , 'me' and 'myself'. One fine day, life throws him a googly and Joy Chatterjee goes missing - This is the journey of a man who realizes that the 'I' or 'Aami' is transient which fades out of being.Jaya Ahasan plays a pediatrician and his fiance and Shataf Figar plays an ACP investigating a bizarre case.


Movie :Ajoba
Uploaded On :09 Jul 2017
Release Date :09 Jul 2014

Ajoba was rescued from a well and a tracking device was fixed on his neck, before being released back into the wild. He turned out to be one adventurous cat, as he made his way to Mumbai over the Sahyadris.

Shaitan (2011)

Movie :Shaitan
Uploaded On :11 Jul 2017
Release Date :10 Jul 2011

Five substance-abusing friends decide to fake a kidnapping in order to bribe a police constable for covering-up a hit-and-run accident.

Pune 52 - Official Theatrical Trailer

Movie :Pune 52
Uploaded On :08 Nov 2017
Release Date :18 Jan 2013

Amar works as a private detective and tries to make his overbearing wife happy. He becomes involved in a police investigation and has an affair with his client's paramour.